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Market Research Chat

Help needed! If you are struggling with speaking in front of the camera (lives, events, presentations), then I’m looking for you to help create a program to improve confidence in any virtual setting. Let’s chat! It will only take 15-20 min of your time via a quick phone call to answer a few questions. Thanks in advance & I look forward to speaking with you.

Duration: 15 minutes

Getting to Know YOU

Let’s use this time to learn about you and your goals.

Duration: 30 minutes

Discovery Chat (Reserved for webinar/summit guest link ONLY)

This 30-min session will be offered complimentary to guest of my webinars and/or people who have been to a summit. We will take time to learn about you, your goals, and how to apply the 6-Step GLIMMER techniques to enhance your overall virtual presence.

Duration: 30 minutes

VIP Virtual Consultation (Reserved for webinar/summit guest link ONLY)

This 90 min session will be offered complimentary to you to bring a personal project for consultation. This is reserved for VIP guest that have attended my webinars and/or received a VIP package offering from a summit.

The consultation will include personalized coaching around two areas of your choice from the following: engagement techniques that connect with your goals; a visual strategy to link with your message; or technology consultation to ensure an overall successful virtual experience. Whether you have presented your message a dozen times, or this is the first, let’s turn it up a notch to wow your audience and ensure they are hanging on every word! This session is reserved for special VIP members who have received this as a complimentary gift.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Women Speakers Association - Learn More Here

Are you a woman entrepreneur, speaker, author, or just simply have an impactful message to share?
As a Global Business Connector for WSA, I love connecting women who not only want to be listened to but heard. It is my passion to connect women who wish to share their message with the resources and platforms across the globe.
Let’s connect!

Duration: 30 minutes

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